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Intro To Elite Karate Academy’s Anti Bullying Program – Embrace Your Inner Freakiness

September 18, 20174 min read

Welcome to Elite Karate Academy’s Anti Bullying Program.  This Program is designed to teach our students how to deal with bullying without resorting to violence.  Building their confidence and self-esteem so as to stop them being bullied in the first place.   If you are a parent reading this, I need you to get involved.  Ask your children the questions in this blog, help reinforce their learning by asking what we covered in that class’s mat chat.


Embrace your Inner Freakiness.  Bullies try and make you feel different, that you’re not normal or not as good or not as deserving to a standard the bullies set.  But you are normal and are good and deserving and you know what you can be different and should be different.  We all feel a little freaky inside our heads sometimes, a little different, a little not understood.  But that’s ok.  Embrace it, own it, be proud to be different.


Self-esteem is a core component of bullying prevention. Kids with a healthy self-esteem are more confident and capable. Self-esteem also can help prevent bullying. Bullies are often looking for an easy target – someone who will react to their taunts and teases. As a result, they often steer clear of kids that are comfortable in their own skin. Even if they are targeted by bullies, kids with a healthy self-esteem have an easier time coping with bullies.


Nurture friendships. Bullies seek out kids who lack connections or who are isolated. Meanwhile, kids who have friends are less likely to be bullied than those who are alone. Even one significant friend at school can greatly reduce the likelihood that your child will be bullied. And even if your children are still targeted by bullies, having friends will make it easier for them to overcome bullying if it does occur.

(Ask) What is bullying?
Bullying is when someone keeps doing or saying things to have power over another person. Bullying is breaking the Golden Rule!


(Ask) What is the Golden Rule?

The Golden rule is not treating other people the way you would like to be treated.


(Ask) Is it ok to bully someone?


(Ask)Who can name types of bullying?
• Physical Bullying

  • Verbal Bullying

  • Cyber Bullying

  • Social Bullying

  • Mental Bullying


(Ask) Have you been bullied in the past or is being bullied now?


(Ask) Who Gets bullied?


Why do people get bullied?

Bullies want to hurt you, so don’t let them know they have hurt you. If they hurt your feelings, tell an adult about it and write about them in a journal/diary. Don’t hide your feelings and thoughts. There is no reason you should be ashamed. The hurt caused by bullying is stressful, so take care of yourself by eating right and exercising.

Students who don’t want to mistreat others out number those who do. You have a lot of power. You don’t have to ignore bullying. You don’t have to laugh. You don’t have to do what the bully says. Take a stand against bullying and help each other to have the courage to make your school be free of bullying.

Bullies want to have power and control over you. So don’t look like an easy target. Stand straight and tall, with your shoulders back and head up, walk in a relaxed and energetic way. Don’t let the bully see you sad and cry. Learn assertiveness skills. Your words have power. Visit www.bullyfree.com to see examples of assertiveness skills.  These will be taught in class over the coming weeks.


(Ask) How does being bullied may you feel?

Put responsibility for bullying where it belongs. Most of the time, kids tend to blame themselves when they are bullied. The falsely believe they did something to cause it or that something is wrong with them. As a result, victims often don’t tell anyone about the bullying and try to change how they look or act in order to avoid being bullying. Instead, teach kids that bullying is a choice made by the bully. And, the bully is completely responsible for his actions. No one caused him to behave that way including your child.


(Ask) Is it ok to fight?  When you should fight? 


Our Club policy on fighting is they must only resort to fighting in order to defend themselves from someone who is currently physically attacking them.  Starting a fight or using karate outside of the Academy may result in disciplinary action or suspension from the Academy if continually repeated.

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