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  • Confidence as you master key self-defence skills.

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  • Increased fitness, mobility and agility.

  • Transformation as your mind and body becomes stronger, fitter and healthier.

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If you want to get fit, make new friends, learn life-saving skills AND be the strongest and best version of yourself, then you need to join the Elite Karate Academy community.

Together, we can help you get the most out everything you have to offer and deliver your health and fitness goals.

  • Standard gyms can be boring and repetitive.

  • Fitness HIIT and circuit classes do not accommodate for all ages and ability levels.

  • Lack of a regular fitness routine results in short-term gains only.

  • Increasing crime rates means you have to be able to defend yourself and your family.

  • The stresses and strains of life means time for yourself has never been more important.

Hear What Our Warriors Have To Say About Their Karate Journey!


My son (5) has just completed his yellow tip grading. It has been one of our proudest moments as parents, seeing our son beaming with joy on his achievement. He runs into class every week and skips out of it. As parents, we love to see its not just about the skills of karate but the values and life lessons taught to the kids in each class. The word of the week has been teaching my son great values as a person and something I would encourage in him in becoming the best version of himself…


I enrolled my son in elite karate academy in April after many failed attempts at different sports and activities and I am glad to say he absolutely loves it. I have seen a huge difference in his confidence levels and physical health, he has even been discharged from physiotherapy as his mobility and balance has improved so much. Gareth is an amazing teacher and the kids really respect him. I would highly recommend enrolling your child here if you are thinking about starting them in an activity..


Samvit has been training with Elite academy for more than a year and he absolutely loves it. He constantly looks forward to the days he has classes and always eager to learn. I see a huge difference since he joined the club. Training has boosted his confidence and disciplined. Sammy gives utmost importance to the 12 personality development words that they train on and practices them everyday scenarios. Thank you Sensei Gareth for shaping his personality.


My son looks forward to going to every single training session here. He is 7 and is autistic and he has fit in straight away. His fitness and concentration have improved, and I can only see it getting better. We will be attending for a long time to come.


Children growing up in today’s world can be very daunting for both children and parents. To find a place where all are welcomed, respected and taught a life skill while building confidence in a child is so precious. A very big thank you to Sensei Gareth and Elite Karate Academy for given my son the belief in himself to continue to train and learn with you. I especially love listening to the kids responses when doing words of the week. Cannot recommend highly enough.


Would highly recommend the club! If someone had of told me a few years ago that my son would be willing to walk into a karate dojo full of new people and noises and rules I would have laughed at them.For a time we couldn’t get Luke to even look at a person he didn’t know. We trialed Elite Karate Academy thinking it would just be a day out for him but we can’t believe how wrong we were. He has been brought to life at this club and now oozes confidence and self control we could have only dreamed of.Seeing him on the floor with his classmates at the expo was amazing and we are so grateful to the club and to Sensei Gareth


My daughter has been attending Elite Karate Academy for years now and she loves it! Now a brown belt she is hoping to be one of the youngest black belts in the academy in a few years. Sensei makes training fun and engaging and I’ve found my daughters confidence has grown. There’s no pressure on the kids to grade if they don’t feel ready and sensei listens to the students. Keep up the great work sensei! From Zoë and Joanna


More than a year and a hald ago, my son, Aram, joined the Academy, and we noticed the positive and wonderful effect on his personality. Aram is very happy and excitied to be part of the Academy. The Academy is not only for teaching martial, but also rather for knowlwdge, respect and ethics. We would like to thank his coach for his efforts. Best of luck for everyone.


My son has been going here a few months now and has looked forward to going to every class! It has been great for his confidence and the class have all been very welcoming. Sensai Gareth is great with the kids – I’d highly recommend this academy!


My Daughter has been training here for over 4 years she loves the academy, it’s an excellent way to look after your health and wellbeing. I would highly recommend the academy to anyone looking to get fit or learn new skills, kids can use these valuable skills in everyday life which will prepare them for the every changing world. Well done Sensei keep up the great work.

All For One & One For All - Martial Arts Is Perfect For Kids & Adults Alike

There is no better way to increase your fitness, boost your brain-power and become more mindful than martial arts. No matter your age, fitness ability or experience, our classes are tailored to ensure that not only will you be able to do more than you ever thought possible, you’ll have fun at the same time.

Young or old, male or female; everyone who comes into Elite Karate Academy goes out at the end of every lesson with:

  • Valuable self-defence skills to protect you from life’s dangers.

  • Increased strength, cardio fitness and stamina.

  • Better coordination and balance as you learn proper body form and technique.

  • More focus and discipline - the key components of martial arts training.

  • New like-minded friends all with the same goal.

  • Renewed vigour and positivity as you conquer your nerves and face new challenges head on.

There’s More To Martial Arts Than You Think

Did you know martial arts is as much about mental discipline as it is about physical fitness?

Martial arts is unique in that it perfectly strengthens both your internal and external self through methods that have transcended centuries.

Through karate at Elite Karate Academy you will develop life-long habits of discipline, perseverance, courage, determination, trust and respect. The practical techniques to defend yourself and protect your family against real life situations happen as a consequence of those habits.

All your goals and objectives can be successfully achieved through the many benefits martial arts has to offer:

  • Want to increase your kids focus and teach them valuable life lessons?

  • Are you fed up of plateauing and going nowhere fast with your regular fitness routine?

  • Do you want to do something as a family to build stronger bonds and lead by example?

  • Have you been bullied or been a victim of crime and want to protect yourself and loved ones?

  • Can you see yourself wearing a black belt one day?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then there is no better time than now to make a start.

Money back guarantee

This is an obligation free offer with no pressure on you to continue past the 3 weeks.  It’s easy to get started and for only €39.95 you’ll get to experience all that Elite Karate Academy has to offer and learn something new at the same time. Plus if you’re not 100% satisfied after your trial, we’ll give you your money back AND you can keep the shirt...GUARANTEED.

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Hear What Our Warriors Have To Say About Their Karate Journey!


My 5 year old joined Elite Karate about 6 months ago. He absolutely loves it and is learning so much. Sensei Gareth has a great way with the kids. Very patient and playful but also very in charge.


My daughter is attending to karate classes for a while already and have to say she is loving it. Sensei is a great teacher, and has a very good approach to the kids.


My daughters are going to Elite Karate Academy for over 2 years and I highly recommend it! Sensei is the best with kids and they absolutely respect him . He keep the class fun and high energy to match many personalities.


My son has been in Elite Karate Academy for over a year now and he absolutely loves it. I have definitely seen an improvement in his confidence, manner and the way he behaves since taking on karate. Sensei Gareth is amazing with the children and is always encouraging them to reach their highest potential. I would highly recommend Elite to anyone looking to take on karate.


My son has attended Elite Karate Academy for over a year now and loves it! The classes are fantastic and Sensei Gareth is amazing at what he does with the kids and adults. Cannot recommend the Academy enough! Keep up the good work!!.


I attended a four seminar on Personal Security & Awareness. Sensei Gareth was was highly informative & the course was very enjoyable. I would recommed this seminar for all young adults & women of all ages.


I did the 4 hour female personal security course. I could not recommend this course any higher, it was highly informative and enjoyable. I walked away with information and skills for life. I would recommend this for girls of all ages. Sensei Gareth inspires confidence in everyone in the room. I look forward to future courses.


My daughter recently began her journey with martial arts with Elite Karate Academy. From our initial conversation with Sensei Gareth to her starting class we felt so welcomed to the club and in turn she felt very included within the class and really enjoys participating. The club and classes are run in an extremely professional manner, led by a highly experienced and very enthusiastic teacher. Students are thought valuable life skills in a comfortable setting. Highly recommended to any parent who is thinking of starting their child in martial arts classes.


We thank you very much for the great effort you made for the children, and we noticed the Impact on Aram, how he changed from his willingness to attend to the determination and love of training and following the training. Thanks.


Myself and my son joined Elite Karate Academy not so long ago and found the classes very informative. The Sensei explains everything in a calm and professional manner which makes the class environment more enjoyable and relaxing. The academy always keeps their students informed with latest news within the club via emails. Their online App is very good as my son views the App on a regular basis. My son is really enjoying the classes. I would recommend this Academy for any one who is interested in martial Arts or anybody who would like to up skill themselves in strengthening their confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age can my child start training in Elite Karate Academy?

Children must be 5 years of age and attending primary school before they can start training at Elite Karate Academy.

What times are children’s classes?

We have 4 different class times for children’s beginners, And our “Premium Program” allows you to train in any of those classes. See our timetable for more details.

Are there any safety concerns that I should be aware of?

Safety is a top priority at Elite Karate Academy, and our instructors take great care that all students train in a safe environment. Our karate is a very safe non-contact style, however, accidents can happen, so it’s important to follow all safety guidelines and wear appropriate protective gear. Which we will discuss with you when you join.

How often should we attend…

Students must attend a minimum of 2 regular classes a week. However, Premium members, both child or teen/adult, have access to exclusive specialised classes that allow extra training per week.

Can we try a class before…

Yes! At Elite Karate Academy we can offer you a free trial class or check out our current introductory offer, so potential students can get a feel for the training before committing. This trial period also allows our instructors to assess potential candidates suitability for our programs and if we will invite you to become full-time members.

Are there any additional fees for equipment or testing?

In addition to tuition fees, there may be additional costs for uniforms, equipment or belt testing fee. But we will discuss this with you before the end of your trial period.

Are there opportunities for my child to compete in tournaments, or is it strictly recreational?

Elite Karate Academy does not take part in competition style karate and sparring (fighting) is not mandatory and many students choose to train solely for recreational and personal development purposes.

How will training in Karate benefit my child's physical health and mental well-being?

Karate provide an excellent workout that improves cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, balance coordination while also promoting mental wellness by reducing stress levels through meditation techniques.

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