Premium Membership

Our upgraded premium membership is for those students who want to get more bang for their buck and become deeper, more rounded martial artists. Those that want to train more than the normal 2 classes a week. See below for what you get!!


Get 3 Weeks Training Plus FREE Shirt

Just €39.95! (Save Up To ‹57)

Premium Membership is valid for all ages and comes with a range of benefits

Black Belt Club Classes

We have both Junior & Senior Black Belt clubs which offer extra training covering material more deeply or not covered in normal syllabi classes, material such as weapons, throws, locks, black belt kata etc.

Dynamic Kick Master Class

Exclusive to Premium Members this class takes your kicking to new heights, focusing on conditioning, speed, accuracy, power & endurance.

Unlimited Classes

Exclusive to Premium Members students can train in their rank classes or any classes below their rank. Children beginners who are premium members get access to 10 classes a week.

Catch Up Classes

Missed a training session for whatever reason avail of a catch up class.

Unlimited Classes

High grades can train in any lower class for extra training.

Junior Premium Members get to wear a exclusive Red Uniform

Cardio Combat Fitness BootCamp

Teen/Adult Fitness BootCamp. The frontline in the fitness battle. Suitable for all fitness levels. Work at your own pace to achieve your goals. Try a class now

Impact Therapy - Hit The Pads

Burn stress, build mental resilience & determination while working on sparring techniques & tactics or improving the power of your self protection skills in this high tempo fun class. Coming soon in 2024.

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