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Lesson 12: Follow your dreams

September 04, 20172 min read

Dojo Kun No 12

Follow Your Dreams

Is always easier said than done.

Many people, including our loved ones, will want to protect us, from failure, from success, from alterering the status quo and maybe moving themselves out of their comfort zone.

But if you believe in yourself and believe in your heart, mind and spirit that you can achieve it. hen go for it.

But you must be willing to work for it. Work hard for it. Goals can change, you can move the goalposts as circumsances change so the dream may expand or alter.

But you won't get anywhere without hard work, determination, and a indomitable spirit.

This indomitable spirit is cultivated on the dojo foor in your training. become unbeatable. Never give up and never give it.

The great sword saint Musashi, in his book "The book of five rings", has a chapter called "crossing the ford".

Here's a good story that illustrates his point;

You're the captain of a ship, about to set sail across a large bay. You consult with the other captains about the weather. Will it hold, will the winds pick up etc.

Having made your decision you set sail. Halfway across the bay the weather turns bad. The wind picks up and the rain hit hards. Do you turn back?

No!! Having made your decision your spirit keeps you going. If the wind rips the sails to shreds, you take out your oars and you row yourself across the bay.

This is the meaning to crossing the ford...

We are faced with these circumstances many times in our lives. As karateka (those that study karate) or warriors of light we must train ourselves to have this indomitabe spirit, to never give up, to fight till our last breath to achieve theings we want in life.

Take the lessons you learn in the dojo and practice them in live and follow your dreams...

Fly high...

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