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Lesson 18: If it feels wrong don’t do it

September 04, 20172 min read

Karateka all around the globe share a common bond, in that each practitioner should harbor and continuously cultivate an inner power—a power that stretches beyond physical capabilities. This internal strength is multifaceted; it's not merely about physical endurance or prowess. Central to it is the wisdom to discern what is morally right from what is ethically questionable. This internal compass guides us in life, leading us consistently to make choices that align with integrity and virtue.

Adhering to the concept of honor, we as karateka wear this trait like an invisible belt that signifies our commitment to justice and moral soundness. Honor dictates that we consciously choose actions that reflect righteousness, actions that uphold the values deeply embedded in the centuries-old tradition of karate. Honor is not just a word; it is a way of life for us.

Moreover, it's imperative that we stand firm when confronted with situations that attempt to sway our moral judgment. The strength within us should be a bulwark against the pressures to engage in acts that chafe against our internal moral compass. We must resist the seductive pull of taking the easy road when it veers off from the path of ethical conduct. This concept of staying true to what we believe is integral to the spirit of honor that infuses the heart of every dedicated karateka.

As such, it cannot be overstressed that we must never capitulate to external forces that would entreat us—or dare to coerce us—into compromising our sturdily held principles. The notion of honor that we hold dear as karateka imparts upon us a sacred duty—to ourselves and to the lineage of our art—to stand resolute against any attempts that would have us act contrary to what we discern as morally appropriate conduct. This is our creed, this is our essence, this is the ethos of the honorable path we walk as karateka.

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