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Lesson 19: Say exactly what you mean

September 04, 20171 min read

As practitioners of karate, it is our fundamental duty to embody the traits of forthrightness and honesty in our daily lives. There exists an age-old maxim that eloquently sets the bar: "say what you mean and mean what you say." This creed is the very essence of integrity—a core principle of martial arts.

Attaining a black belt signifies not only mastery of formidable techniques; it represents an even greater triumph of character. Integrity is the cornerstone that elevates the practice of martial arts beyond the physical realm. Without the steadfast presence of integrity, the profound teachings and philosophies of martial arts are rendered null.

It may be a rare occurrence to find oneself in a position where self-defense is necessary, maybe once or perhaps twice in a lifetime. But the true power of martial arts is in its daily application. With integrity at its foundation, martial arts infuse our every action and decision with depth and meaning. This integral attribute, woven into the fabric of martial arts, enriches us not just as karateka, but more importantly, as human beings.

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