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Lesson 6: Never Be Cowardly, Never Be Cruel

March 23, 15061 min read

Karate is about improving the character. By improving ourselves, we model a better example for those around us, which in turn improves the society around us.

When we do better, we model that behaviour for our families. We then influence the community around on our street, then our town. And in doing so we can change the world. But first we must start with the face looking back at us in the mirror.

A good karateka should never be cruel, favouring compassion, caring and courtesy. The Samurai spoke about a life giving sword. It was easy to draw the sword and strike someone down. But a good Samurai knew when compassion and mercy were called for.

A good karateka should never be never a bully, never mean spirited, careful in knowing the words they speak can cause longer lasting damage then their fists and feet.

Karateka should never be cowardly, be brave enough to walk away from a fight, when you know you could damage the opponent.

Be brave enough to defend the weak, and stand up for the right thing even if it means you are standing alone. For a karateka the choice between right and wrong is never a choice. We always have the strength to choose to do the right thing, no matter how hard tht choice is.

Be brave to seek the truth, and be brave enough to be honest in all areas of life.

Brave enough to admit their weaknesses and face up to changes that need to be made.

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