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Lesson 7: Shoshaku Jushaku

September 01, 20171 min read

Mistake stacked upon mistake. Consider life itself as a succession of continuous mistakes. Progress, whether within the disciplined walls of martial arts or the broader spectrum of life's journey, hinges on a perpetual cycle: commit mistakes, acknowledge them, amend them, and then inevitably make fresh ones. This relentless loop is the essence of our relentless pursuit of self-improvement and personal growth.

Imperfection is a human trait; flawlessness an elusive mirage. As practitioners of karate, however, we strive for this unattainable summit of perfection, knowing full well it remains perpetually beyond our grasp. This ideal serves less as a destination and more as a beacon guiding our relentless quest.

Yet, in this unwavering pursuit, it is crucial to temper our drive with kindness toward oneself. Avoid the temptation to be overly critical, to castigate oneself excessively, or to engage in severe self-rebuke. It's all too common to see individuals burdened by their missteps as if they were stones strapped to their backs, encumbering their journey. The challenge lies in releasing these weights, in allowing oneself the grace and tender forgiveness that Jesus might offer a child.

When an error is made, recognize it, rectify it, and then, with certainty, stumble into new errors. To acknowledge one's faults does not expose frailty; rather, it reveals a robust honesty and a commendable strength of character. This approach—of viewing mistakes as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks—is essential.

Whether you find yourself on the seasoned tatami mats honing your karate skills or navigating the unpredictable paths of daily life, the goal remains consistent: strive to embody the finest, most authentic version of who you are. Remember that even on this path of authenticity, the journey is pieced together with lessons learned from each mistake made along the way.

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