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Concepts v Techniques

January 16, 20182 min read

Every technique you learn has a particular application but also has an underlying theory or concept.  Lower grades learn individual techniques and over time build up an arsenal of weapons, defenses or tactics.  Higher grades however use individual techniques to train concepts.

Here is an example.  If you teach a student to block a punch to the face by using upper block, and then drill them in the use of that technique, it will become effective.  Everytime they are punched to the face they will use the technique they know.

However if the student only knows the technique and not the concept behind it.  When the attackers punch is directed to the stomach.  They will block upwards and be hit.

However if the student understands the concept behind the technique of upper block, ie not to get hit.  Then when punched to the face they will drop the arm to block.  Thus using the concept of blocking.

All techniques have underlying concepts or principles, which can be used with different ranges, strategies or tactics in a fight.  Lower (Kyu) grades when joining our Academy build up an arsenal of defensive or attacking techniques, over time.  Until they get to the senior grades of brown or black (Dan) grades. where a better understanding of the concepts is introduced.

Traditionally there wasn’t much talking in a class and students where given a simple explanation and expected to understand the concepts through repeated practice.  This could lead to students misunderstanding or quitting cause of lack of progress.  These days along with extensive repetitions, verbal teaching can greatly increase  a students understanding, as long as that student is training hard.  Knowing something intellectually will not transfer it into a physical skill.

Simple Concepts include

Kicking, Punching, Blocking, Simple Body Movements, Distance, Timing, Twisting, Jumping, Ducking, Penetrating, Focus, Speed, Relaxation, Power,

Advanced Concepts include

Entering, Evasion, Deflection, Parrying, Absorbing, Flowing, Locking, Throwing, Take Downs,Focus (Kime), Awareness (Zanshin), No Mind (Mushin),  Space/Timing (Ma-ai), Spirit (Kohoro), Eye Control (Metsuke), Shoshaku Joshaku, Three types of Attack (Sen), Mindfulness, Beginner’s Mind (Shoshin).

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