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We train both sides.

September 12, 20172 min read

We train both sides

We train both sides in Karate, in order to have both sides strong.  You don’t know from which side an attack may come from and if you are going to be able to defend yourself, you need to be able to counter from any position, not just your favoured side.

We all know that the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and vice verse.  And as every beginner knows, they may have a strong or weak side.  By training both sides we become ambidextrous, favouring neither left nor right.

If one side of the body gets stronger, what of the part of the brain that controls it?  Does it under go changes?  Does it get stronger?  Body and mind are two separate parts of you.  But they are also one.  They can simultaneous be two and one.  Both are dependent and independent of the other at the same time.  This is not a contradiction but a very Zen point.  We can talk about one and exclude the other, or we can talk about how both work together.  They are two sides of the same coin.

Body controls mind and the mind controls the body.  If you get tired physically your mind should urge you on.  If you are tired mentally, physical exercise will allows make you feel better.  A Sensei’s role is to push you beyond your physical limits, allowing you to discover new limits, or realise there are no limits if the mind is willing.

Tough physical training strengthens the mind.  Regular correct training builds spirit. Built up over time this spirit endures.  When the body gives up, the mind pushes on.  When the mind starts to fail, this habit, the spirit, lifts you up to continue.  Train physically to be strong in your technique, to strengthen the mind and forge an indomitable spirit.  Then on the mats and in life you will be unbeatable, unbreakable and a success in whatever you do.

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