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Christmas Newsletter 2019

November 22, 20197 min read

Christmas Newsletter

Welcome to our Christmas Newsletter.  Just a few brief notes on up-coming events between now and Christmas and into next year.

Firstly, I wish to thank you for your support and loyalty in choosing Elite Karate Academy.  Our Academy has grown so much this year, with a new Adults intermediate class starting and a return of our adult’s fitness boot camp on the timetable and once again the standard has risen across the board. 

Christmas Holidays

Elite Karate Academy will close for Christmas holidays after classes on Friday the 20th of December and reopen with classes as normal on Monday the 6th of January 2020. Paid for classes will roll over into the New Year.  May I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Christmas Grading

The final grading of the year for those eligible to grade will take place within normal classes on Monday – Wednesday 16th-18th of December.  Gradings cost €25 for under 18’s and €30 for 18+ and must be accompanied by an up-to-date Grading Passport.  Relevant fee must be enclosed within the passport and must be presented at the same time on/before Friday 13th December 2019.  Failure to pay fee or produce grading passport by this date will mean students will not be eligible to grade.  Payments cannot be made by card.

If you need to buy/replace a grading passport it costs €10 and must be accompanied 2 passport photos, with the student’s name and a contact number on the back of one photo.  Any student who does not have a grading passport can purchase one whenever they wish prior to them grading.

If you wish to renew an out-of-date passport it costs €10 and must be presented with the out-of-date passport.  Check the back page of your Grading Passport for its expiry date.

Those eligible to grade at Christmas are listed at the bottom of this newsletter.

If you are not sure whether you or your child is eligible to grade, please email me or speak to me in class.

2nd Dan Grading

Our Assistant Instructor Eric will be grading for his 2nd Dan on Friday 13th December at 8.30pm. Students and Parents are welcome to attend this grading.  Doors close 8.20pm

Elite Karate Academy 10th Anniversary Expo

Our Elite Karate Academy Expo will take place once again on a Sunday in April next year. The date will be confirmed in the New Year. This year’s Expo is an important one as it celebrates the 10th anniversary of our Academy and my 30th anniversary of teaching. The aim of the Expo, as always, is to allowing students demonstrate their skills and abilities to their family and friends, whilst educating parents about the aims and ethos of Elite Karate Academy, in a relaxed fun environment.  This event is open to anyone, so extended family and friends are welcome, and I can assure you this year’s will be the best.  More details in January.

This year’s Expo will include;

  • Grading

  • Club Sparring Competition (See below)

  • Demonstrations (Instructor & Students)

  • Award Ceremony (Grading, Competition, and Special Awards, including Student of the Year)

  • Possible unveiling of our 1st Junior Black Belt

  • Bake & Cake Sale

  • Raffle

Sparring Competition Special Offer

We will be giving full details for the competition in February but any student taking part will need gloves and boots in order to take part and be graded above yellow belt.  With that in mind I’m offering a special Pre-Christmas Special Offer, get a pair of child gloves and boots and a pair of focus mitts to use at home or in the Academy. Only €60, save €15.

Individual Prices For Christmas Gifts: 

Children’s Gloves €20,

Children’s Boots €25,

Karate Suits €25/€30,

Focus Mitts

Children’s €30

adult’s €40   

Black Friday Special Offer

Sign up for our Children or Adult 3-month memberships (new students only) and get 10% off and a free karate suit. Sign up before the offer ends on 20th December 2019 and start your training in January 2020. 

Cardio Combat Fitness Boot Camp

Unleash your inner warrior. A HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) boot camp featuring martial arts pad work, core and circuits training. If fitness is a battleground, welcome to the front line. Ideal for beginners, as every participant pushes themselves as hard as they want. You don’t have to be a champion to train like one. Ideal for weight loss or general fitness, watch your confidence grow as you get fitter, push yourself regardless of fitness level and watch the calories burn off. New Class Monday 7-8pm €10 per class.  Special Offer coming in January.  Want to try a free class???

St Patrick’s Day Parade

The Academy will be walking in next year’s Clondalkin Parade.  Hopefully you and your family will join us.

Character Education Program

Once again, we start our Word of the Week​ program in class.  Our specially designed word of the week program teaches 14 core values to your child in a 5 minute ‘mat chat’ within their normal class. Your child will grow as people not just stronger and fitter.  No other club offers this type of program.

Our 14 words are: Courtesy, Growth, Honesty, Obedience, Courage, Sincerity, Humility, Perseverance, Honour, Loyalty, Self-Control, Knowledge, Respect, Integrity.

Each week these lessons will be posted on our Facebook page or the full course can be viewed here​ in our blog section of our website.  I strongly urge parents to get involved with their child’s learning by reading these posts or discussing after each class what they learnt.


We have other unique programmes available on our website​.  Click the link to read them

Dojo Kun Programme​ – Most club’s dojo rules consist of no shouting, no chewing gum etc. Our Dojo Kun program teaches your child 25 rules of life. These rules teach your child how to follow and make their dreams come true, through hard work, passion, and dedication.

Elite Mental Training​ – This program teaches students the mental strategy of fighting, topics introduced can be used in all areas of life, reducing stress, and increasing mental wellbeing. Read some lessons covered in our blog section below, we are currently running this in intermediate and senior classes.

Anti-Bullying Programme​ – We teach your child how to deal with bullying in a non-aggressive way without having to resort to violence. A great program for boosting confidence and self-belief.  This starts in September.

Online Self Defence Course​ – Lots of information on how to avoid trouble, threat management, fight psychology and tactical training.

Go to www.EliteKarateAcademy.com

Click on the student zone/blog tab.

Click on “word of the week” or “elite mental training” (this directory may be at the bottom of the page if using mobile phones) 

Newer material will be shared weekly on our Facebook page, much will be of interest even to those who don’t train. 

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram



Testimonials Request

That so many of you praise our Academy is huge source of pride to me.  Please write a review/testimonial here​.  They will then be added to our website.  Student / parents or both may write a review and you may write a new one if you wrote one before.

Referral Competition

In January we will be starting out referral competition and I will give details of how to enter and prizes.

Those Eligible For Christmas Grading

Daniils R, Aidan W, Eoghan R, Angel F, David A, Daniel A, Vanessa L, Millie D, Anagha P, Claudia S, Finn M, Charlie M, Sean P, Mia Mc, Daria C, Sean K, Miya D, Justin L, Sebastian L, Markas K, Ferdia O, Miriam K, Peter K, Yanina G, Ben P, Mark M, Cian U, Derek M, Amelia R, William N,, Marcus O, Eva K, Marco L, Rian O, Chloe O, Sean O, Amber O, Lia O, Karlene O’C, Dylan C, Darragh G, Darragh L, Oscar M, Marcas M, Eric De, James W, Kai K, Liam W, Calibe D, Paula C, Indre C, Ignas C, Niko P, Leo L, Niall L, Adonai V, Gloria V, Fares O, David P, Konstantin G, Courtneu G, Drake F, Lukas O, Markian P. Millie C, AJ E, Charlie W, Aleksander S, Marco L, Evan H, Ryan H, Amberleigh D, Evan G, Ben P, Kayla Mc, Alberto C, Lucy M, Declan B. 

Merry Christmas


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