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December Newsletter 2022

December 05, 20225 min read

Elite Karate Academy Newsletter

December 2022

Welcome to the final newsletter of 2022 and may I wish you, your family and all our students a very Happy Christmas.  Thank you for your continued support of the Academy throughout 2022, and I hope I can count on your continued support in 2023.

I have huge plans for the growing the Academy in 2023.  Including more Instructors, more classes, more courses, and seminars (see below), some events, new programmes including a leadership programme where (some) brown belt students can become Assistant Instructors and assist with classes.

Christmas Hours

Elite Karate Academy will close for our Christmas break on Thursday 22nd of December 2022 at 9.30pm.  We will reopen on Wednesday the 4th of January 2023 for all classes.

Christmas Grading

For those students who are eligible to grade or re-sit for their next belt.  The gradings will take place within your normal classes next week between 12th-16th December. 


In January I will be announcing a series of seminars/courses running throughout the year.  Some of these will be for members, most will be open to non-members.  These seminars/courses will include the following topics:

  • Personal Protection: How to avoid being a victim

  • Personal Protection (Woman Only)

  • Dealing with Multiple Attackers

  • Protecting Others

  • Stick Fighting

  • Defend against a knife or blunt weapon

  • Fitness Bootcamp

  • Meditation

  • Knife fighting

I will also be unveiling a new course, that I am very excited about;

  • Children’s Self Protection & Anti-Bullying Course – this course will teach children how to stay save, avoid trouble and how to deal with bullies by building their confidence and teaching simple protection skills.

Elite Karate Academy Expo

The annual Elite Karate Expo will take place in April 2023.    This is the biggest event in the Elite Calendar.  Dates and more details will be announced in January.

The aim of the Expo, as always, is to allowing students demonstrate their skills and abilities to their family and friends, whilst educating parents about the aims and ethos of Elite Karate Academy, in a relaxed fun environment.

All students will be taking part, those not grading will be involved in demonstrations. 

This event is open to anyone. So bring the grandparents, this year’s Expo will include;

  • Grading

  • Club Sparring Competition (semi-finals and finals only, early rounds will take place in class through March)

  • Demonstrations (Instructor & Students)

  • Award Ceremony (Grading, Competition, and Special Awards, including Student of the year)

  • Bake & Cake Sale

  • Raffle

St Patricks day Parade

We will be walking in next year’s parade.  I hope you all will be able to walk with us.

Exclusive Character Education Programmes

I am currently running our “Word Of the Week” programme in our beginners classes.  Our word of the week programme teaches 14 core values to your child in a 5 minute “mat Chat” within their normal class.  I aim for your child to be a black belt in character not just technique.

In 2023 I will also be running the following exclusive programmes in classes

  •  Dojo Kun (Dojo Rules) – most club’s rules consist of no shouting, no chewing gum etc.  Our Dojo Kun program teaches your child 25 rules of life, that teach how to follow and make your dreams come true, through hard work, passion, and dedication.

  • (New) Self-Protection & Anti-Bullying – Boast confidence and self-belief while teaching how to deal with bullying and violence in a non-aggressive way without having to resort to violence.

  • Karate Kids Fitness Programme – Teaches our students to understand the benefits of healthy eating and exercise.  Designed by a personal trainer, our mat chats, promotes a healthy body image and educates your child how best to eat before and after training and the benefits of an active lifestyle.

  • Junior Black Belt Club (JBBC) – We will be making some subtle changes to this and opening the JBBC to more students in 2023.  Watch out for more info next year.

  • Elite Mental Training Program – This program teaches the mental techniques of the martial arts can be used in all areas of life, reducing stress, and increasing mental wellbeing.

Elite Karate Academy APP

Since August we have had an issue with our App.  BudoCode who ran our app was bought over and the new company decided to shut down the app and BudoCode.  I stopped loading new material to the app until I had the matter resolved.

I am delighted to announce that we will be relaunching a brand new, greatly improved app with better functionality shortly.   I will once again be adding material weekly for students to study/practice at home and the app will be free to all members.  More details in January.

Sensei is an Author

During Covid I wrote 3 books on the relationship between the Martial Arts & Mental Health, 2 of which topped the Amazon Bestseller list.  Click here to view them on Amazon.

They might be a nice gift and I highly recommend them to Parents.

Book 1: “Martial Arts & Mental Health” would be ideal for older children and Parents

Book 2: “Lessons from the mats” mirrors our current Character education programme, “word of the week” and would help support parents to teach these lessons at home.

Book3: “Love You Love Life” is a 5-step process to create the life you deserve.

Google reviews

That many of you refer family and friends is a great source of pride to me.  If you could take a few minutes to write a google review, I would really appreciate it.  Click here  to write a review and I will share them on our website.

Social Media

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and our YouTube Channel

Merry Christmas

Sensei Gareth

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