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Newsletter Oct ’21

October 08, 20215 min read

Just a general news update for Elite Karate Academy October 2021

I would (once again) like to thank each and every one of you for your support of Elite Karate Academy throughout these challenging times. That so many students returned after lockdown is great source of pride. As this is my sole source of support and full-time job your support is greatly appreciated.

Elite Karate Academy App -‘To Black Belt & Beyond’

I launched our app during the last lockdown with the goal of helping students progress faster and help them continue to train outside the Academy. For those students that use the app I can see the progress in their techiques. An example of this is Patrick, a yellow tip, who recently used the app to teach himself the 1st 7 katas, including a black belt kata. An incredible achievement for one so young which resulted with his advancement to Yellow Belt.

Our Elite Karate Academy App – ‘To Black Belt & Beyond’ is a growing video archive of every technique, skill, drill, game or exercise a student could need to achieve black belt & beyond.  This is a game changer for our karate students and/or their parents.  Something that was not available when I began Karate but to have your instructor teach you what you need to learn by video all available on your phone 24/7 would ensure more rapid progress.

The app has new uploads every week which follow the course of the respective classes.  If students learn a new technique, skill or drill, the instructional video will be on the app the following week, if not already there.  All lessons taught by Sensei Gareth. Both the children’s syllabus (Wado Ryu Syllabus) and the teen/adult syllabus (Practical Karate Syllabus) are available on the app and we will fill in all the grades over time. There is content there for all ages and levels.

Anyone not currently using the app on their phones and would like a new log in email, please contact me and let me know. And I can forward a new pin number to you. Non Academy members can sign up for a free 7 day trial here.

Dojo Kun

We are currently coming to the the end of our Dojo Kun Programme in the children’s beginner’s classes. This programme is 25 life rules that teach students how to make your dreams come true. Parents or students can read more about this programme on our website here. Once this programe ends we will be starting our word of the week programme. 14 character values that are the backbone of the martial arts. Read more here.


As many of you know I am now Ireland’s only World Combat Association Combat Coach and now that restrictions are lifting I am teaching Self-Protection Courses and Seminars again. These seminars can be designed to fit your needs and are ideal for schools, groups or businesses. For more information click here. If anyone would like to host a seminar or course please contact me.

I will be running a Womans Only Personal Security Course on Saturday 30th of October between the hours of 10am-2pm. This is not a martial arts class but a presentation on personal security issues that will allow any female feel safer and more secure and is a life skill similar to 1st aid, one you may not need today but maybe in the future.

The course is open to any female over the age of 15 and costs €30 for the day. Places will be limited so please book early.

Children’s Courses

Over the coming months I will be launching two special courses for children. the first will be a an Anti-Bullying Children’s Course to give non-members the confidence and skills to deal with bullies in a non violent manner. This course I will be running in normal classes within the Academy once we finish the current dojo Kun programme. The second course will be a children’s self-defence course teaching awareness, avoidence and escape drills from common grabs and situations.

Once these courses are launched if you or anybody you know is interested in running a course please let me know.

Special offers,

I have some imited numbers of Academy t-shirts in aged 5-6 with the old logo in stock. i am doing a special offer on this size only, 2 for €10. This discount cannot be availed of through the website only in the dojo.

Karate Suits

My suppliers are currently out of stock of karate suits, this is a combination of Covid and Brexit. I will order in new uniforms once they are in stock and will inform when I have them. Sorry for the inconvience and bare with me.

Orders for Christmas

With the uncertain in England of transport and Brexit issues If you are considering purchasing items for Christmas I would suggest you buy them as earlier as you can. I would recommend all child students going forward have a pair of gloves and protective boots. These are currently in stock in a range of sizes both child and adult.

I also have a limited number of paddles and focus mitts in stock. Paddles I would recommend for smaller children, and are ideal for parents to train along with their child at home. Foxcus mitts I would recommend for older children, teens or adults. In these Covid times it is highly recommended that students use their own equipment.

Christmas Grading

There will another grading in the run up to Christmas for those eligible to grade. I will supply more details closer to the time.

Teen/Adult grading

The beginner’s Teen/Adult class will have a grade in class the 1st week of November. I will be in contact with the relevent students and parents shortly.


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The Life Lessons Series

As many of you know I wrote 3 books during lockdown on various aspects of martial arts and its connection to mental health. These books were not written only for martial artists and would be of interest to anybody interested in mental health. I would also suggest parent would enjoy understanding more of the benefits their children will receive in studying the martial arts. All 3 books are available in paperback or e-book on Amazon. Click the link to read more

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