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School Special Offer 10% Off 3 Month Term

February 12, 20182 min read



If your child attends a local school and new to the Academy they can receive a special 10% discount on our 3 month term.  To avail of this offer simply mention your schools name when joining and ask for the school discount.  Offer ends 30th September 2018.

We are the Elite because we are the best at what we do. Elite Karate Academy in Clondalkin teaches traditional Wado Ryu Karate-Do (The Way Of Harmony), a softer style of karate.  We know correct training leads to character development and self improvements in our students and is more than simply fighting.  Teaching the correct mental attitude and fighting spirit of the Samurai improves your concentration levels, mind control and stress relief leading to a more positive attitude towards life.

Through your knowledge of karate you are taught Self-Defence, Self-Control, Self-Discipline, and Self-Confidence, leading to improvements in your Self-Esteem and develop the Physical, Mental & Spiritual Strength renowned of the martial arts.  Classes are designed to be positive experiences, with each class alowing students to achieve a task raising their self confidence and self belief with plenty of positive feedback.


Regardless of age or fitness levels, you will benefit physically from training. Improvements in flexibility, strength, stamina and aerobic fitness are just some of the benefits to be gained.


We specialise in teaching children and you are paying for more than kicking and punching.  We mentor and inspire every child, helping them grow in self confidence & wisdom.  Children’s classes include 3-5 minute mat chats in every class, with a range of topics covered in our unique and specially designed programs, no other club teaches and gets the results we get.  Watch your child grow in confidence and as a person.

Click here to read more about our specially designed programs.


Our Academy in Clondalkin is run with a rotating curriculum with different classes for various grades motivating students and forging Black Belts in character not just technique.

Ready to Start? Phone Sensei Gareth on 086 822 4902 or click here to contact us about this month’s special offers.

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