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Self Defence Concepts Part 1/4 – Free online course

October 16, 20175 min read

Elite Karate Academy Self Defence Blog.  We will be covering simple effective techniques, tactical training, armed attack survival, threat management, fight psychology and street awareness.  All the topics about to be covered in this 3 part free online course.

Self Defence Course Part 1 Tactical Training

A first aid course teaches you a basics medical knowledge and the confidence to help in a crises.  It does not train you to be a doctor.  That takes years of training and continual practice.  It is exactly the same with a self defence course.  It should give you the confidence to walk the street and lay the ground work to build your own self defense procedures.  But ultimately if you are afraid, long term training in martial arts is what you require.  This course wont deal with how and where to hit (we cover that in class), if you need these techniques, your self defence plan has already failed.  This course will deal with tactical training (the tactics used in a fight), armed attack survival (how to deal with knives), threat management (how to deal with threatening situations), fight psychology (the mindset of self defense) and street awareness (being more aware of danger).  For a true self defense plan to work, it should involve small changes in behaviour and increased awareness of your surroundings, leading to you or your family never being in a threatening situation.

Most people even advanced students forget their greatest weapons.  Your Voice and Mental Attitude.  Screaming and shouting can scare of a potential attacker to draw others to your rescue.  A never-give-up attitude builds from years of experiences and it the reason why 86 year old women fight off muggers with umbrellas, while younger women may freeze.

Simple Effective Techniques – Where to hit and with what?

What are your Greatest Weapons?              Your Voice and Your Mental Attitude

Technique                                                          Some Targets

Front Punch                                                        Nose/Jaw/Throat/Ribs/Liver/Kidneys/Solar Plexus/Groin/Knee

Opposite Punch                                                Nose/Jaw/Throat/Ribs/Liver/Kidneys/Solar Plexus/Groin/Knee

Hammer fist                                                       Temple/Side of jaw/Nose/Side of Neck/Ribs/Kidneys/Liver/Groin/Knee

Hook Punch                                                        Temple/Side of nose/Side of Jaw/Ribs/Liver/Kidneys/Solar                                                                                                       Plexus/Stomach/Knee

Palm Heel                                                            Ears/Nose/Jaw/Groin/Knee

Knife Hand/Chop                                             Neck/Throat/Ribs/Groin

Elbows                                                                  Temple/Face/Nose/jaw/Neck/Throat/Ribs/Groin/Knee

Finger pokes                                                      Eyes/Throat/Groin

Front Kick                                                            Shin/Knees/Groin/Stomach/if attacker is bent over Head

Side Kick                                                              Shin/Knee/Thigh

Foot Stamp                                                         Foot/Ankle/Knee

Knee                                                                     Knee/Thigh/Groin/Stomach/Ribs/Head

Sweeps & Takedowns                                    Ankle/knees/hips

Wrist escapes, locks and sweeps may only be used to restrain/control or take an attacker to the ground after you have hit them.

Learning Self defence techniques properly is about skills acquisition, any technique learnt needs to be reinforced, ideally by continued regular practice.  Contact Elite Karate Academy for classes or to host your own self defense course in work or school.

Tactical Training 10 points to get you thinking

1  AVOID TROUBLE WHEREVER AND WHENEVER YOU CAN.    All self defence procedures should start with avoidance.  The best way to block a punch is not to be there.  If you turn a corner and see an unsavoury character or group, turn around and walk back around the corner.

2  Use your voice, make a scene, scream, shout, this can attract help, and can also deter your attacker.  Screaming or shouting will also build your confidence, can aid in breaking you out of “the deer caught in headlights” effect often associated with the fight or flight reflex, which may make you freeze up.  Using your voice can also unleashes anger, anger at the injustice at being attacked, the fear of being hurt, use this anger to increase the power of your techniques.

3  You have 2 battles to survive.  The first is the immediate physical confrontation; the second is a possible legal battle to defend your actions, months or years later.

4   Four stages in defending yourself

  1. Defend – block/evade/avoid/deflect/run

  2. Disable- strike/punch/kick/slap/claw/bite

  3. Disarm – lock/sweep/throw/disarm

  4. Escape

5  Use your environment.  Attackers can be pushed into walls or you can support yourself against a wall to increase balance and power of kicks.  Push attackers into tables and chairs to hurt them or cause them to stumble etc.

6  Don’t get out of cars to confront attackers, use your car as protection and or as a weapon.

7  Use natural weapons – DO NOT CARRY ILLEGAL/LEGAL WEAPONS.  Do however use everyday items you may have on your person, keys held between the fingers can cut, slash or poke, combs may be racked across the face, pens used like a hammer fist or poked into eyes.  You have felt the pain of a mascara stick in the eye and that wasn’t done with force etc.

8  Where to hit?

Hit hard parts of your attacker’s body with soft parts of yours.  For example jaw with your palm heel.

Hit soft parts of your attacker’s body with hard parts of yours.  For example groin with your knee.

Hit and run. Cause him pain and get away.

9  A physical action demands a physical response.  If he puts his hand on you, a verbal response like “Please remove your hand”, may not be enough, removing his hand yourself sends a stronger message and you appear more confident.  (even if you’re not)

10  Your goal is to disable an attacker and get away.  Run. Run away fast.  Don’t drop your attention until you are in a secure safe place.

Over the next three parts we will deal

Self Defence Course Part 2 – Threat management Coming 23rd October 2017 (how to deal with threatening situations)

Self Defence Course Part 3 – Fight Psychology coming soon (the mindset of self defense)

Self Defence Course Part 4 – Street Awareness coming soon (being more aware of danger)

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