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September 01, 20171 min read

Lesson 1

Courage means valour, to be brave. Courage is not the absence of fear, but going on in spite of it. We teach our students that having courage doesn’t mean we’re not afraid of anything. Everybody is afraid of something. But there are times in life where you are scared but have to do something anyway. We give the example of firemen and women, of course they are afraid but they still go into burning buildings, to save people. Which is very important job.

Lesson two

Sometimes we have to do things in life that are important even though we are scared. But often after we do them we find they weren’t that scary or we overcame our fears.. Tests, speaking in public flying are all examples.

There is a difference between being brave and being foolish. Accepting dares, that will get you hurt or in trouble, is not brave but stupid. Standing up to your friends takes more courage then standing up to your enemies.

Fear can make us stronger, faster, smarter. If we learn to channel it.

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