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September 01, 20171 min read

Lesson 1: 3-5 minute ‘mat chat’.

We explain that growth means to flourish, to always keep learning and improving, in life not just in the dojo. We explain there are 3 ways to grow: In Body; In Mind; and In Heart.

Lesson 1 is on the body. We need three things for our bodies to grow big and strong.
1 Good healthy food.  Why and what is healthy food?
2 Exercise:  Why and how many hours per week?
3 Sleep:  How much per night?  Why is sleep important?

We then talk about the things that harm our bodies, junk food, smoking, drinking, illegal drugs.

Please remember to ask your child what they learnt after the class.

Lesson 2

We can grow in life in body, mind and heart. To grow in mind we teach our students to study hard in school and the dojo. Reading is a great source of learning and expanding their minds. Knowledge is power is a saying we use in the club. The more knowledgeable you have the more control you will have over your life, and the power to be anything you want to be in life.

To grow in the heart requires being a better person. Being nice and treating others the way you’d like to be treated. This refers back to out first word of the week. COURTESY.

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