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September 01, 20171 min read

Lesson 1

Freedom from pride and avoid becoming foolishly over confident

There is a difference between confidence and cockiness. Being confident to believe we can be successful in what we can do, but never arrogant to believe we’re better then anyone else. We’re smart enough to know we don’t know everything and need the help of others to succeed in life.. Therefore we have the Humility to treat everyone as equals

Lesson 2

Review lesson 1.  Humility means to avoid becoming foolishly over confident

Being humble in the martial arts, we know there is always someone tougher then we are.  Someone who is always better and someone who we can learn from.  Every Sensei had a Sensei, and every Black belt learned from another black belt who knew more then they did.   This applies to school as well.  Your teachers go to school for a long time in order to teach you.  being humble is recognising that you don’t know everything and being respectful to our elders.

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