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February 18, 20201 min read

Esteem, give it to others, earn it for yourself.

Lesson 1

This relates back to our 1st word of the week, Courtesy. This is an extra special courtesy. Self-esteem means you feel good aout yourself and esteem for others means you look up to them.

We ask who deserves our respect? We talk about how parents spend most of their time and effort taking care of us. Working so we can have food, a house, taking you to school and karate lessons etc. They deserve out thanks. and we could never get a job and be able to repay them for all they have done. |So we repay them by showing them respect. So we follow their rules and treat them with respect.

Lesson 2

So we know showing respect is important but what is the best and easiest way to show respect? It’s when we use our courtesy words. What are they again? There are other ways of showing respect, like listeing when someone is talking, making eye conact when you are listening, sittig still and using black belt focus.

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