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Self Control

September 01, 20171 min read

Lesson 1:
We teach your children that self-control is choosing to do the right thing to do and doing it, even when you don’t want to. We ask have they ever been so mad that they wanted to break something? Or so angry that they wanted to scream? What type of world would it be if everyone acted out on their anger? World would be a pretty scare place if people were screaming, yelling and fighting whenever they wanted. Controlling how we act is very important and shows a child is growing up, as babies show no self-control. We teach your children how to deep breath for a count of 10, so they are able to think clearly and not be upset.

Lesson 2:
We review lesson 1; we know having self-control makes the world a better place , but let’s talk about what it does for you. We ask do they know anyone who had poor self-control? Someone who maybe yelled a lot, always talking during quiet time, or getting angry and hitting people? Who wants to be around someone like that? Self-control helps us get along with other people. If you want to be admired or respected, learn to be a person with self-control. When someone yells at you, stay calm. Show people you are mature and can handle responsibility. You are a leader.

We also teach self-control with regards to their Karate. Controlling your techniques in very important so we don’t hurt or damage our training partners.

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