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Word of the Week 11: Loyalty

June 20, 20171 min read

Elite Karate Academy in Clondalkin unique character education program, consits of 3-5 minute mat chats in class, covering different values every week. Here is this week’s 2 lessons.

Word of the week: Week 11

Lesson 1
We teach our students that loyalty means being true to others, like a good friend. Being the type of person who stands by their friends through thick and thin. We dont fall out over petty arguments, we can fight or disagree but the friendship always stays intact..

Lesson 2
It is important to be loyal to our friends and family, but it is also important to be true to our beliefs. Your beliefs make you the person you are, being nice, treating people right etc. We should be loyal to our beliefs not just when its convenient. Some people change their beliefs so people will like them. But people respect loyalty. So decide on your beliefs and stick to them

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